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Tips for Surviving Holiday Celebration Planning

The holiday season is approaching and fast! With these helpful tips you can keep party planning stress-free this year.

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Going Out For Drinks in Nashua? It’s Fall Cocktail Time!

Whether it’s Thirsty Thursday, date night, or a night out with friends, Stella Blu is the perfect place to stop by for drinks in Nashua. Here’s a sneak peak at a few cocktails you’re sure to fall in love with.

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A Unique Twist: Beverage Catering in NH

Here at Stella Blu we like to create the unexpected. That’s why we’re taking NH catering up a notch with this unique twist on traditional services.

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Fine Dining in NH: Tapas Unveiled

By now, we’ve all heard of tapas, but maybe there’s still a gray area. If you’re not quite sure what tapas are, Stella Blu is here to solve the mystery! From traditional Spanish dishes to our unique twist, we’re unveiling the world of tapas.

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How Reservations Started

The idea of the dinner reservation is not anything new when it comes to the history of the restaurant. While today it seems as though it is something foreign and inconvenient for those who experience fine dining in NH, it is and was a favorite strategy for individuals to cut the line. Today, with the creation of call ahead seating, the theory of the reservation is being applied without the complete set time. It is not the first time that […]

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Dealing With A No-Show

The biggest gamble in the restaurant industry to date is the decision to incorporate reservations at a restaurant. The primary challenge with integrating reservations is the same problem that comes with other bookings, such as last minute cancellations and no-shows. While this could happen for a variety of reasons, last-minute customers and no-shows can considerably hurt the restaurant in Nashua for the day and put them into the red. Loss of revenue changed restaurants’ minds about reservations, shifting their stance […]

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What Makes A Great Martini?

Each restaurant has something that they utilize as a part of their signature restaurant vibe. Whether it be a drink, an appetizer, a meal, or a dessert, there is always something that the restaurant tells you to try that will not disappoint you. Even if the restaurant in Nashua does not call you in for the drinks, many restaurants are beginning to add signature drinks to the menu based on the bartender that is working. This trend is becoming huge […]

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Gluten-Free Acceptance

With a change in diet, it can become hard for some individuals with allergies or dislikes to find a menu that appeals to every person that is part of the group. For example, you cannot go to a restaurant in Nashua without nearly everything having bacon on it. This instance makes it difficult for those who are vegetarian/vegan or those who dislike bacon to find options. Now, this is a simple, common complication for people who still have plenty of […]

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Peak Hours: To Dine Or Not To Dine?

For many diners, the prospect of waiting nearly three hours for your food is a nightmare. We have all done it: the drive-by. You go to the restaurant that you want to go to, and slowly creep by to gauge how busy you think they are. Maybe you even have your passenger go inside and check the time before you make the final decision to jump in. However, if you are a peak hour diner, then no matter where you […]

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How To Find Your Perfect Wine

Finding a type of wine that you like can seem like a never-ending task. Wine comes from almost everywhere grapes can grow. Ultimately, the wine that you like could be famous like Barefoot Moscato, which pairs well with chicken, or it could be an obscure wine like a Gaia Assyrtiko, which pairs well with shellfish. The trick to finding your perfect wine isn’t about trying every wine at a restaurant in Nashua, but rather allowing yourself to answer the questions […]

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