Dealing With A No-Show

restaurant in NashuaThe biggest gamble in the restaurant industry to date is the decision to incorporate reservations at a restaurant. The primary challenge with integrating reservations is the same problem that comes with other bookings, such as last minute cancellations and no-shows. While this could happen for a variety of reasons, last-minute customers and no-shows can considerably hurt the restaurant in Nashua for the day and put them into the red. Loss of revenue changed restaurants’ minds about reservations, shifting their stance from nearly every restaurant taking reservations to it becoming a rare amenity. However, Eater has found some creative ways that restaurateurs are handling the issue of the no-show.

No-shows can easily cost a restaurant in Nashua nearly hundreds of dollars on a daily basis. Depending on the price range of the restaurant, a dinner for two could be anywhere from 30-150+ dollars. So, if there are multiple no shows every night, it can be detrimental, particularly on a night where reservations are filling downtime. The aspect of the no-show is frustrating and can cause for many patrons to become annoyed as well at the prospect of waiting for a party that doesn’t show when they could have eaten already, or at least started their order.

All in all, no-shows are a burden to restaurant and patrons, so many restaurants have found a few creative ways to fix the problem, such as eliminating the reservations altogether. Lack of booking access ensures that all tables are being used to the best capability rather than trying to get reservations into the door. It directly avoids the problem, and many restaurants find resolution with this method.

Another interesting way to remove the no-show attitude from the customers is requiring a credit card at the time of making the reservation. Much like with hotel reservations, the credit card is used to ensure that the guest will show up, or they face an additional fee. Many times, they use the card and put a hold on it (much like hotels do) to ensure that the guest will show up for the reservation. This method may turn many people away who would be no-shows, but could also turn away many other customers as well.

Another good way to try to prevent no-shows in the future is to make a note of the previous offenders. Now, being a no-show does not account for reasons that are out of your control, and you should not get penalized for that. Still, it is a good way to ensure that the loyal customers get “rewarded” while those who frequently skip out do not get a chance to make reservations they will only cancel.

The problem with no-shows is that many individuals want to have their options. While things may change, as anything can, it is best on both ends to make a simple phone call. A quick call makes room for a rescheduled date or a complete cancellation as soon as you can. Ask your restaurant about their policy on cancellations and see if and when you would be able to do so. This way, you attend to your needs and the needs of the restaurant in Nashua.

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