Dinner and a Concert? Sign Us Up!

restaurant in NashuaTake a moment and consider the common date that couples frequently go on when they start dating. Dinner and a movie are one of the most popular forms of the first meeting for many individuals. It is a painless enjoyment of a show and food, something that you can bond over. However, with the price of movie tickets, drinks, snacks, and then dinner, the prices are rising steadily, and it will soon be expensive to treat dates to something that was once so simple. For your next date then, consider a restaurant in Nashua, like Stella Blu, which offers live music and entertainment on certain nights so you can get your show and dinner for less than dinner and a movie.

Other than saving some money, there are other reasons that you should consider stopping into Stella Blu during one of our shows. Though the cost is something to consider.



Get All the Benefits of a Concert for the Price of a Meal

Many concerts are at a minimum $25.00, and that is usually at the House of Blues and depends on the band. Most larger shows actually could cost closer to $100, if not more. While some of the upcoming bands will play here at Stella Blu, it is still an excellent time to enjoy a concert while sitting and relaxing without the need to worry about finding dinner on top of the show.


Intimate Setting with Some of Your Soon to be Favorite Bands

The larger shows make it harder for you to get close to the bands you wish to see. When you come to a showing at Stella Blu, the meal is your entrance, and the group is near and intimate with the crowd. It allows for you to feel the music in a simpler setting and not need to worry about too many people getting close to you.


Enjoy Time with Friends and Good Music

While many concerts are loud and bordering on obnoxious levels of noise, an intimate concert will still allow you to enjoy your friends’ company. Going to a concert with your friends is great, but it is easy to lose them or drown them out with the music. Smaller settings give you a chance to connect with your friends while enjoying the show.


Find New Music That You Didn’t Think You Would Enjoy

The best part about music at Stella Blu is finding up and coming bands that may be in a genre that you wouldn’t normally like. Finding smaller groups is always a fascinating experience because you can witness the band grow as artists if you become interested. Having smaller groups at Stella Blu makes it so that we can promote the arts and show how important it is to continue to find new talent to share with you, which may open your doors to something even greater.



Dinner and show do not need to break the bank if you go to the right restaurant in Nashua. Looking into local music is an excellent way to start your night with friends or on a date. It is something different and unique, and you can discover talent together at Stella Blu at 70 East Pearl Street.

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