Fine Dining in NH: Tapas Unveiled

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If you’ve heard of tapas but aren’t quite sure what they are, here at Stella Blu in Nashua we’ve made it simple.  Tapas, or small versions of an edible Spanish dish, are gaining popularity across the United States.  Of course, we Americans add our twist and have made the dish into anything, just a smaller version.  Although many may associate tapas with fine dining in NH, the trend is growing, and dedicated tapas shops are beginning to pop up across cities nationwide.



It’s important to reiterate that tapas doesn’t refer to a specific type of food. Although the word “tapas” primarily translates to “cover” in Spanish, there are many theories of where the word originated.  Some speculate the word tapas came from King Alfonso X from Castile. When the king recovered from sickness after drinking wine and eating small meals, he believed it was no coincidence.  After that, taverns were ordered only to serve wine when accompanied by a little snack.

Still, others have theories revolving around tapas and the use of food as an actual lid.  From covering beverages with lids to protect them from bugs and snakes to lids of cheese disguising rancid wine smells, the stories are endless.


Traditional Spanish Tapas

The most common types of tapas one will find in Spain incorporate a variety of spices, olive oil, seafood, and olives.  However, meat and vegetables also dominate the popularity scene when it comes to traditional Spanish tapas.  If you find yourself wandering the streets of Spain one day, Albóndigas may cross your path.  This dish is very similar to the meatballs we see in America; made of beef and pork covered with a red mojo sauce.

Similarly, Calamares, or rabs, is the Spanish version of our American calamari appetizer.  Another favorite is the Chorizo al Vino, chorizo sausage slow cooked in wine. Likewise, Chorizo a la Sidra, sausage cooked in cider with fresh garlic.  The possibilities of the tapas are truly endless.


Stella Blu Tapas

However, Stella Blu has added their flair with Italian, Asian, Latin, and American influenced tapas.  Although one may find traditional dishes such as calamari, swordfish, and meatballs, you will also be provided with a vast array of other options.  Whether you’re craving Asian dumplings or Italian arancini, the menu at Stella Blu will satisfy any your needs.


Because of the variety of flavor and size, these dishes are perfect for sharing. Often served between the lunch and dinner hours, tapas make an excellent snack to hold you over until later in the evening.  At Stella Blu, we feature award-winning tapas accompanied by our famous martini bar.  Located in downtown Nashua, NH, Stella Blu is one of the best restaurants to offer fine dining in NH. Visit us online to view our full menu, or call today to make your reservation (603) 578-5557.

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