How Reservations Started

fine dining in NHThe idea of the dinner reservation is not anything new when it comes to the history of the restaurant. While today it seems as though it is something foreign and inconvenient for those who experience fine dining in NH, it is and was a favorite strategy for individuals to cut the line. Today, with the creation of call ahead seating, the theory of the reservation is being applied without the complete set time. It is not the first time that dinner reservations have come to the few restaurants that use it. The Atlantic mentions that “by the middle of the 20th century, the idea of making dinner reservations was standard.” So, how did we get from the reservation being popular to today’s less enthusiastic approach?

One expert that The Atlantic talked to suggested that the idea of booking began with the idea of reserving a room at a restaurant for caterers. During the 19th century, many times the caterers would serve their clients at home or in a place. When this process began, it eventually transformed into the ability to set aside small tables and private rooms. The most interesting part of these reservations, however, is that it was very close to the idea of catering even when reserving a single table. The idea of the pre-booking was to serve as quickly as possible so that they could be in and out. The dinner would already be reserved and paid for at the time of booking so that there were no transactions at the meal. The tip would even be part of the bill.

The evolution of the reservation also helped with counting as time went on. It wasn’t decent for bachelors to invite single women to their private homes – even more so their private chambers. So, to take one a lady to dinner, it had to be at a restaurant. They dressed to stand out, and decency would not allow for the private company.

Reservations today are more spur of the moment. You do not choose and pay for your meals when you arrive. Rather, a reservation has transformed into a table set aside for your and then you pick the meal as if you have been waiting amongst the rest of the crowd. That is if you find a restaurant that makes dinner reservations.

While more apps are being created to boost dinner reservations, many restaurants are not taking the reservations. The influx in this tradition is constantly changing. There is not a set balance between private parties and other patrons, so it makes it complicated for many businesses to see the benefit for their overhead. However, we still find value in the reservation, even if it is for the sake of a date. Just call Stella Blu today to schedule your reservation with us if you want quality fine dining in NH!

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