Take Care of Dad This Weekend with NH Catering

NH catering

With Father’s Day fast approaching, many of us are prepared and ready for the day.  However, many of us are not.  If you happen to be in the latter of the two categories, it’s time to come up with a creative solution.  At Stella Blu, we’re here to help.  Providing award winning tapas we can help make Father’s Day a day he’ll remember.  Here are a few reasons you should consider NH catering services this weekend.


You Get to Relax

With the help of catering services, you get to relax and enjoy the day with Dad!  Whether you’re hosting a small crowd or the entire family, cooking for a group can be overwhelming.  From the planning stages to shopping and execution, the whole experience can take many hours.  With the use of a local Nashua caterer, like Stella Blu, you can sit back and relax while we do the work for you.


Cooked to Perfection

Life throws curveballs when we least expect them.  And generally, these curveballs arrive at the worst possible timing.  Eliminate the risk of burning Father’s Day dinner because of distraction by hiring a professional to cook for you.  The expert chefs at Stella Blu will not only incorporate their artistic flair but will promise you quality.  Using only the finest ingredients, your meal will be prepared ahead of time, ensuring perfection.


You’re Still Relaxing

Now that you and your guests have enjoyed a satisfying meal, the worst is yet to come.  The time to clean has arrived.  Oh, wait, we’ll do that for you too.  Without the hassle of pots, pans, and dishes, you have nothing to do but enjoy your Sunday.


Taking Things a Step Further

If, in fact, you are hosting a large crowd this Father’s Day, beverage catering may also be of interest to you.  Working closely with In The Mix, professional bartenders can ensure your guests are left with nothing but good times.  From custom cocktails to rental services, In The Mix has all of your bartending needs covered.


For more information on NH catering from Stella Blu, contact us at (603) 578-5557.  We will provide a truly unique experience for you and family like no one else around.  Originality and quality are only two of the elements we pride ourselves with.  Click here to view our full catering menu.

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