What Makes A Great Martini?

restaurant in NashuaEach restaurant has something that they utilize as a part of their signature restaurant vibe. Whether it be a drink, an appetizer, a meal, or a dessert, there is always something that the restaurant tells you to try that will not disappoint you. Even if the restaurant in Nashua does not call you in for the drinks, many restaurants are beginning to add signature drinks to the menu based on the bartender that is working. This trend is becoming huge to draw crowds in for the food but to come back for the other signature drinks. At Stella Blu, we do not have a signature drink, but we have award-winning martinis.

When it comes to martinis, Business Insider makes an excellent point about the argument for gin versus vodka. For starters, a real martini has the standard ratio of gin and vermouth (depending on the bartender about 4:1 ratio of gin: vermouth), also known as a perfect martini. However, if you are James Bond, you order your martini with vodka. The case for this is mainly because of the taste. Gin is a botanically based drink, which means that it has an extremely floral taste, which we have heard described in passing as a perfume taste. Should the taste of gin be too much for you to handle after trying a traditional martini, go for the vodka and also remember that different gin brands have different flavors.

The most important question when it comes to drinks in many aspects is the follow:



Shaken or Stirred?

The famous line by James Bond about “shaken, not stirred” changed the way the perceiving of martinis in the past years. Though both ways can be utilized to make a martini, the traditional way was always stirring. When you mix a martini, you add all ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice and just shake it for a nice cold drink that is smooth and has limited ice shards in the drink. When you order a shaken martini, you also add all of the ingredients into a cocktail shaker, but instead of stirring, shake like you would do a variety of other cocktails. It cools the drink down faster but increases the chances of ice in the glass and creates a body that the drink does not typically have.

That is not the only part of ordering your martini that you should consider when you visit Stella Blu though. There are many different types of martinis that you can choose from aside from appletinis, choco-times, and the “mock” martinis that are available. We are talking straight martinis. Huffington Post has some decent pictures of these martinis so you can get an idea of what drink would fit you best.


Dry Martini

A dry martini is a martini that uses less than the typical ratio of vermouth. There is more gin added to the martini. Whether it is just a couple of drops or none at all, be ready for a full gin flavor from the Dry Martini.


Wet Martini

On the opposite spectrum of the dry martini, the wet martini uses more vermouth than a standard martini. The typical ratio is about 5:1 gin to vermouth. With the wet martini, you will have the same amount of gin, but closer to equal parts gin and vermouth.


Dirty Martini

Are you a fan of olives? Not everyone is, so a dirty martini is not the drink for every martini connoisseur. The dirty martini has olive brine or olive juice splashed into the cocktail. It is one of the most popular forms of the martini.


With a twist

So you don’t do olives, but you still want a little something with your gin and vermouth. That is where the With a Twist Martini comes into play. With a Twist utilizes lemon. For a fresh citrusy martini, the with a twist can open your senses and your pallet between courses.


The Gibson

Not many individuals would consider cocktail onion as a part of a drink, but someone did. If you can think of it, there is something out there for it. The Gibson is the name for a martini with a cocktail onion. Though it is not one of the more modern forms of the drink, it is out there.



Martinis are not the only reason to come to our restaurant in Nashua, but they are one of them. Between our award-winning martinis and tapas, we can cover you all night with food and drink to make the fun times last. See why we are one of Nashua’s only restaurants with an award for out martinis at 70 East Pearl Street.

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