Live Music

      Half of the appeal of dining out is the ambiance. You know you’re going to absorb new sights, feel elegant, and have a good time. Not many restaurants offer live entertainment with meals, however. Stella Blu has become a destination for residents of Nashua and beyond because we offer the quintessential dining experience, not just some decor and decent food. Like the food we offer, our entertainment is second-to-none.

      We host artists every week, and they play music spanning all genres, though rock and jazz are two primary types of music you’ll hear at Stella Blu. It adds a layer of excitement and fun to your evening and keeps things lively. We’re happy to offer it and love to welcome musicians into our space and give them some well-deserved exposure. It brings customer experience to a level only we can provide, and it’s something we love to do for customers and emerging talent alike.

      Music may be the primary form of entertainment we offer, but we are always open to promoting talent in our doors. Just be sure to send an email with all of your details, and we’ll be sure to get back in touch with you. We ask that you refrain from calling the restaurant to inquire about booking a gig at Stella Blu. An email is sufficient and provides all of the details we need!

      Not only are our events fun and entertaining, but we also host them on a consistent basis. Almost every week, someone will come in and perform for our patrons. Just because the work week can seem static doesn’t mean you can’t bring some fun and entertainment into the mix! View our calendar for up-to-date information, times, and more. We can’t wait to see you at our restaurant in Nashua.

      Musicians: to inquire about performing at Stella Blu send email.