3 Classic Cocktails for National Cocktail Day

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March 24th is National Cocktails, so we’re talking classic cocktails this month at Stella Blu. Cocktails have been a popular drink choice for over a century, and for good reason. With so many different variations and flavors, there’s a cocktail for everyone. There are also some cocktails that you be able to find in bars everywhere. In this blog post, we’ll explore three classic cocktails that have stood the test of time and are still enjoyed by people all over the world.


Here are three classic cocktails to try out at your favorite bars this National Cocktail Day.



The Martini is a classic cocktail that people have enjoyed for over 100 years. This drink is made with gin and dry vermouth and is typically garnished with a lemon twist or olive. The ratio of gin to vermouth can vary depending on personal preference, but a classic Martini usually has a 2:1 ratio of gin to vermouth.

The Martini is a strong drink that is best enjoyed slowly. It’s the perfect drink to sip on while socializing or relaxing after a long day. And with so many variations, including the popular vodka Martini, there’s a Martini for everyone.


Old Fashioned

Another classic cocktail that bar patrons have been enjoying for over a century is the Old Fashioned. This drink is made with whiskey, sugar, bitters, and a splash of water. Its traditional garnish is a cherry and an orange peel.

This simple yet delicious cocktail is perfect for whiskey lovers. It’s great for a cool or even chilly evening, and it’s the perfect drink to sip on while relaxing by the fire or socializing with friends.



This Mexican-inspired cocktail made its way to the United States a few decades ago, but it quickly became a staple at bards everywhere. The essential ingredients are tequila, lime juice, and triple sec and you usually enjoy it in a salt-rimmed glass. The Margarita is a refreshing drink that is perfect for a hot summer day or a night out with friends.

There are many variations of the Margarita, including frozen and flavored versions. Some popular Margarita flavors include strawberry, mango, and watermelon.


Celebrate National Cocktail Day at one of your favorite bars in Nashua, Stella Blu! Try one of these classics or one of our creations.

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