Drinks in Nashua: March 24th is National Cocktail Day!

drinks in nashua

If you’re searching for “drinks in Nashua” look for Stella Blu on Pearl Street!  Whether you love your martinis or you prefer a Margarita with a salted rim, we can all agree that cocktails are a staple in every culture! This month, we’re toasting National Cocktail Day with a little cocktail history. Keep reading to learn more about the history of the cocktail (stirred, not shaken).

drinks in nashua

The “Cocktail”

 It may surprise you to learn the word “cocktail” appeared first in an Amherst, NH publication called “Farmer’s Cabinet”. According to this blog post. Known as the “Farmer’s Cabinet” describes a “cocktail” beverage as a cure “for the head”, a.k.a. the hangover cure. This boozy mixture was defined as a strong spirit mixed with an edible garnish and juice or tonic water.

drinks in nashua

The Prohibition-Era Cocktail 

To most, a cocktail is a mix of alcohol, simple syrup, juice, or soda, and an edible garnish like an olive or a cherry. However, the original cocktail was often considered disgusting and, if made incorrectly, even poisonous! 

In some ways, we can thank the Prohibition for the cocktails we know and love today. During the 1930s, many bartenders started to get creative, adding cream, soda, and juice to disguise the alcohol. Once alcohol was legalized again, cocktails became the premium drink of society.

drinks in nashua

Celebrate National Cocktail Day | Drinks in Nashua!

If you’re searching for a unique place to get incredible drinks in Nashua, NH, look no further than Stella Blu on Pearl Street! We offer signature cocktails perfect for any occasion, like our Pink Pearl, a fresh and light drink made with Organic Vodka, St. Germain & pear nectar. Looking for something classic this March? Try our Slane’s Smash, with Slane’s Irish Whiskey, Licor 43, and muddled orange. 


Raise a glass for National Cocktail Day! Visit us on Pearl Street in Nashua, NH! 

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