We’re Making Mac-n-Cheese More Delicious

restaurant Nashua

restaurant Nashua



Macaroni and cheese. The classic dish of many American childhoods. There are hundreds of different ways to enjoy this cheesy goodness, from a boxed mac to gourmet dining. If you’re looking for a restaurant in Nashua with a variety of delicious menu items, Stella Blu is the place to go. We have everything for a perfect night out on the town, like delightful martinis and one-of-a-kind appetizers. Here’s the scoop on Mac-n-Cheese!


Mac History.


As the ultimate comfort food, various macaroni and cheese dishes have been loved by many people for a long time. The first recipe for this culinary delight dates back to the 13th century, in an Italian cookbook called Liber de Coquina, or “Book of Cooking.” But it wasn’t the mac and cheese we know today. This recipe called for a sheet of pasta cut into small squares, cooked in water, and then tossed with grated cheeses such as parmesan.


Now, closer to home, some historians often credit Thomas Jefferson for helping macaroni and cheese become a household dish here in the United States. It’s said that he visited Europe and dined on a dish, and loved it so much that he decided to bring a pasta maker back with him. Then, had macaroni and cheese served at the White House!


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We love delicious at our Restaurant in Nashua


Here at Stella Blu, we strive to make our restaurant in Nashua stand out from the rest. Therefore, we offer manageable plate sizes at affordable prices so that you can try many delicious dishes during your visit. So, it’s time to talk about our fun house-made macaroni and cheese dishes, which will leave your tastebuds craving for more!




If you love bacon and cheese, this mac is for you. We’re going to be stirring up some North country smokehouse bacon into your delicious mac and cheese and then baking it with buttery crisp ritz crackers.




If you haven’t tried pancetta with mac and cheese before, there’s no better place than Stella Blu! We add savory and smoky pancetta to this mac and top it with buttery ritz crackers.


Buffalo Chicken


Hear us out, buffalo chicken does belong on macaroni and cheese. That’s why we serve up a tasty combination of buffalo chicken, oozing cheesy mac, and topped with buttery ritz crackers.




So, you love seafood. Have you tried lobster macaroni and cheese yet? Well, it’s time! Try our house-made macaroni and cheese, topped with lobster and ritz crackers today!



Stella Blu – Best Tapa Restaurant Nashua


If you’re looking for a unique, welcoming dining experience paired with live music and smiling faces, be sure to visit the Stella Blu restaurant in Nashua at 70 East Pearl Street.

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