Shaken or Stirred, We’re Making Great Martinis.

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Every restaurant in Nashua has a signature element. Whether it be a drink, an appetizer, a meal, or dessert, there is always something that never disappoints. At Stella Blu, we take great pride in offering several signature drinks to our guests. As one of the hottest trends to sweep the industry, signature drinks are a must. However, our team takes things a bit further with award-winning martinis.

When it comes to martinis, Business Insider makes an excellent point on the argument of gin versus vodka. For starters, a real martini has the standard ratio of gin and vermouth (depending on the bartender about 4:1 ratio of gin: vermouth), also known as a perfect martini. 

However, if you are James Bond, you order your martini with vodka. The case for this is mainly because of the taste. Gin is a botanically based drink, which means that it has an extremely earthy taste. Should the taste of gin be too much for you, go for the vodka! Regardless, there is one crucial question when it comes to the martini:  

Shaken or Stirred?

The famous line by James Bond about “shaken, not stirred” changed the way martinis were perceived. Though both methods are acceptable, a traditional martini is always stirred. 

When you mix a martini, the ingredients are gently combined with ice and given a simple shake to cool the ingredients. However, when you order a shaken martini, the process is the same, but instead of stirring, the mixture is shaken. The primary difference with that shaking a martini creates a different texture that stirring does not attain. 


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Options for days.

Dry Martini

A dry martini is a martini that uses less than the typical ratio of vermouth and more gin added to the drink. Whether it is a couple of drops or none, be ready for full gin flavor from this option.


Wet Martini

On the opposite spectrum of the dry martini, the wet martini contains a higher amount of vermouth than a traditional martini. Generally, the ratio is around 5:1 gin to vermouth. With the wet martini, you will have the same amount of gin but closer to equal parts gin and vermouth.


Dirty Martini

Are you a fan of olives? If so, this may be the martini for you! A dirty martini incorporates the addition of olive brine or olive juice. Love it or hate the idea, the dirty martini remains one of the most popular martinis of all time.


Martinis with a twist

Let’s say that you are not a fan of olives. However, you still want a little something with your gin and vermouth. That is where the ‘With a Twist Martini’ comes into play. This version uses lemon for a small burst of citrusy flavor that opens your senses and your pallet between courses.


The Gibson

If olives and lemons aren’t your thing, don’t fret. The Gibson provides yet one more twist on the traditional martini with the addition of cocktail onions! Named after a popular California onion farmer, this classic is here to stay.


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While Stella Blu is the number one restaurant in Nashua for the ultimate selection of perfected martinis, we have so much more to offer! From live music to our impressive food selection, we promise your visit to Stella Blu will be memorable! 


Visit Stella Blu today downtown Nashua at 70 East Pearl Street. We look forward to seeing you!


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