December 3rd is National Bartender Day

bars near me

bars near me


December 3rd is National Bartender Day, and our skilled team of bartenders and cooks want to share with you how to become a successful bartender. If you find yourself stuck searching for “bars near me,” you should come down to Stella Blu, a bar near you! 


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The Training

Depending on how serious of a role you are planning to take in the world of bartending, training can take anywhere from a couple of hours to four years. Though it is not recommended, getting a bartending license in some states with only 2 hours of training is possible. However, to get a simple license typically takes 40 hours of training. For those looking to impress or for a more professional title, you can also go after a mixology degree. Most people looking for a bartender seek someone who fits this requirement with either a bachelor’s or an associate’s degree from the class. 


What Makes a Good Bartender?

Good bartenders will need a handful of skills before, after, and during holding their position. In order to be considered to be a strong bartender, they should have a good presence to them. This would include smiling towards the guests, as well as interacting well with the guests, and handling high-stress situations with ease. There are many other elements that many would look for in their possible hires that fall on top of a skill in mixology or a bartending license. This article from Successful Bar Secrets goes more in-depth on more of the skills needed to be a successful bartender.

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The Types of Bartenders 

With the training and the skills behind the bartender, there is also the deciding factor of what type of bartender you are. There are six different types of bartending styles out there; mixologist, career, club, showy, new, and local. Depending on the skills that you hold and the amount of training and experience you have, you could usually be fit into one of these categories. All of the names mentioned here are pretty self-explanatory, with a mixologist being a veteran in the trade and well-versed in making great drinks and with the new bartender being fresh out of the bartending academy.


Stella Blu Bartenders

While our bar crew may make their job look fun, being a bartender is no easy gig. At Stella Blu, we pride ourselves on being an upscale bar and eatery. We make sure that our bartenders are experts in creative flair and hospitality. Because of this, we have won multiple awards for our small plates and martini bar. So, if you are tired of searching “bars near me,” try giving Stella Blue a chance!


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