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Three Classic Cocktails To Make For Father’s Day!

Here are some traditional cocktails that are simple and easy to make this Father’s Day. Just stir or shake, and enjoy!

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December 3rd is National Bartender Day

  December 3rd is National Bartender Day, and our skilled team of bartenders and cooks want to share with you how to become a successful bartender. If you find yourself stuck searching for “bars near me,” you should come down to Stella Blu, a bar near you!    The Training Depending on how serious of a role you are planning to take in the world of bartending, training can take anywhere from a couple of hours to four years. Though […]

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Tips for Surviving Holiday Celebration Planning

The holiday season is approaching and fast! With these helpful tips you can keep party planning stress-free this year.

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Gluten-Free Acceptance

With a change in diet, it can become hard for some individuals with allergies or dislikes to find a menu that appeals to every person that is part of the group. For example, you cannot go to a restaurant in Nashua without nearly everything having bacon on it. This instance makes it difficult for those who are vegetarian/vegan or those who dislike bacon to find options. Now, this is a simple, common complication for people who still have plenty of […]

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Peak Hours: To Dine Or Not To Dine?

For many diners, the prospect of waiting nearly three hours for your food is a nightmare. We have all done it: the drive-by. You go to the restaurant that you want to go to, and slowly creep by to gauge how busy you think they are. Maybe you even have your passenger go inside and check the time before you make the final decision to jump in. However, if you are a peak hour diner, then no matter where you […]

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How To Find Your Perfect Wine

Finding a type of wine that you like can seem like a never-ending task. Wine comes from almost everywhere grapes can grow. Ultimately, the wine that you like could be famous like Barefoot Moscato, which pairs well with chicken, or it could be an obscure wine like a Gaia Assyrtiko, which pairs well with shellfish. The trick to finding your perfect wine isn’t about trying every wine at a restaurant in Nashua, but rather allowing yourself to answer the questions […]

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Reservations vs. Call Ahead

Today, we live in an age of instant gratification. We can order anything online and have it delivered to home at the touch of a button. With this ease, we have become a culture that hates to wait. Waiting is difficult enough as an adult, but when you add children into the mix, it becomes even harder because they have less patience than we do. The issue that is arising, though, is that many adults are running out of patience […]

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Technology Changes The Restaurant Industry

The old days of eating at a restaurant in NH are over. With the advancing of technology, we invent new devices to help with reservations and ordering. The changes in the industry are profound. When it comes to every aspect of the restaurant, many owners are working on finding new ways to integrate technology into their restaurant for benefits, not failures. However, technology can only go so far in an industry that has been reliable on human interaction from the […]

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How Dining Has Changed

There is always revolution going on in the restaurant industry. Much like many other industries, there are always new standards coming out as well as the new hype generated by chefs and restaurants around the world. As the years continue, more and more everyday things that associated with fine dining in NH will slowly disappear as we move towards a modern age of Ziosks and electronic ordering. Bon Appetit created an article that pointed out some of the changes that […]

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Foodies at Heart

There is not denying that those of us that love food know when food is good. There is mediocre food, good food, great food, and everything in between. It may take a while to figure out what appeals to you and what doesn’t, but when you are a food lover you know. At Stella Blu, we know what it takes to appeal to the food lovers as a restaurant in Nashua because we are food lovers. When it comes down […]

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