February 18th is National Drink Wine Day!

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Still looking for a reason to pop open your favorite bottle of wine? Well, you will be glad to know that on February 18th, it is National Drink Wine Day! With that, our team at Stella Blu is gearing up for the celebration with some fun facts about one of our favorite drinks! Stella Blu is your go-to restaurant in Nashua for some of the best small plates and wine selections! Now, here are some of the lesser known fun facts about wine! 


The Most Expensive Bottle of Wine Was $558,000

Sotheby’s Auction House once sold a bottle of wine for $558,000. For some background, the bottle sold was a 1945 Romanee-Conti. However, attendants in the auction house only expected the bottle to sell for $32,000. A very close second place for the most expensive wine sold happened mere minutes later for $496,000. Someone really loves wine!


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Spitting out your wine is fine!

When you see people spitting out their wine at a fine tasting, you may think, “how rude!” This may be especially true if it is the first wine tasting event that you have been to. However, there is a reason behind such behavior. When you are attending a wine tasting, you would want to taste as many wines as possible, right? The act of spitting out the wine after tasting it allows you to taste more wines without the risk of intoxication! Taste on!


Which Country Produces the Most Wine?

There are three countries on the top of the list of the greatest wine producers in the world. Those countries are Spain, France, and Italy. The United States comes in at fourth place, and China is right after racking at fifth place. 


Proper Pairing

Many would consider pairing your wine with your food is considered an art. However, there are still many that do not know how to do it. Here are some quick tips on properly pairing your wine with your meal.

  • White wine is best served with chicken or fish. 
  • Red meat goes great with red wine. 
  • If pairing wine with dessert, you may want to go with a sweet wine. 


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Celebrating National Drink Wine Day with Stella Blu

At Stella Blu, we have a fantastic selection of great wine. When paired with astounding dishes, you get an experience that you can only get when you dine with us. 


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