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7 of the World’s Most Expensive Fine Dining Restaurants

Meeting the stereotype of fine dining, here’s a look at some of the most expensive restaurants around globe.

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Six Holiday Cocktails to Spruce Up Any Gathering

Signature drinks are an easy element to incorporate into any holiday gathering. Whether you’re hosting a workplace brunch or family gathering, here are a few ideas to get you started!

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Tips for Surviving Holiday Celebration Planning

The holiday season is approaching and fast! With these helpful tips you can keep party planning stress-free this year.

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Why Fine Dining Should Be Fun

Stella Blu would be lying if we didn’t admit we knew there was an existing stigma about fine dining. As a fine dining restaurant in NH we’ve heard all of the myths about the concept and why it deters people from trying it just once. Well, we want to do something about it. Fine dining is supposed to be fun, and that’s exactly what we want it to be! The idea that fine dining is an uptight, boring way to […]

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Benefits of a Caterer

With graduation season coming up and summer parties almost in full swing, planning a party and satisfying details is important. Catering in NH can help with all of your needs, and it can solve a lot of complications that come with planning a party. When you host a party, many times, every aspect of the day is on you, leaving limited time to do anything else – hence having a catering company to help you mark one thing off of […]

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Making a Fine Dining Experience Memorable

It is always lovely to go out and dine on some delicious food. Fine dining lets you enjoy food in a beautiful setting that adds elegance and dimension to your night. While it is probably already a great night as is, there are a few ways to make fine dining even better. The following are a few suggestions Stella Blu has to make your next dining experience one to remember. If you are looking for quality fine dining in NH, […]

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Tips for Pairing Craft Beer with Your Food

Stella Blu loves all of the local flavors we’re able to bring into our Nashua restaurant and NH catering, including craft beers. Along with our award winning martinis, we serve a number of locally made brews that we think are terrific. Working with brewers like Castle Island Brewing Company means we have the opportunity to offer our guests exciting and unique beers to pair with their foods. Food and beer pairing might seem like an overwhelming concept, but Stella Blu […]

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What is American Tapas?

American cuisine is quite different from others around the world, especially European countries. Typically, America eats three, larger meals a day, while in other parts of the world that is just not the case. Stella Blu loves learning from different styles to make our restaurant and catering in NH better than ever before, and our American Tapas menu derives from the Spanish culture. In Spanish, tapas are a large selection of appetizers or snacks. The variety of tapas they eat […]

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How Live Music Enhances Your Meal

There have long been studies being done that researches the correlation between sound and taste, and Stella Blu finds it absolutely fascinating. Researchers at the University of Oxford have been testing a number of different foods compared with low and high pitched notes and have come to find that they can greatly change the way someone could interpret a cuisine. It’s important to note that just as live music or tones can make your meals taste better, it can also […]

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Finding the Perfect Cocktail for You

When determining your go-to cocktail or just finding a cocktail that suits your desires, the most important success it has is to leave you satisfied. Like a great meal, you should be happy with your choice of alcohol because when you do fine dining in NH, it should be apart of your whole dinner experience. Stella Blu has a few suggestions for you to determine which cocktail works best with your taste buds. Start with the basics. There are a […]

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