Finding the Perfect Cocktail for You

When determining your go-to cocktail or just finding a cocktail that suits your desires, the most important success it has is to leave you satisfied. Like a great meal, you should be happy with your choice of alcohol because when you do fine dining in NH, it should be apart of your whole dinner experience. Stella Blu has a few suggestions for you to determine which cocktail works best with your taste buds.

Start with the basics. There are a handful of cocktails and drinks every bartender should know, and this is a great place to lay your ground work. Screwdrivers, rum & Coke, gin and tonic, whiskey and ginger, margarita, sex on the beach, vodka and tonic, and Long Island ice tea are a few to consider and might help you learn more about your preferences as you taste test.Restaurant in Nashua from Stella Blu

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. There are some drinks that might scare you away by the list of ingredients, but often times they exist because they taste great. Bartenders usually have great insight into how strong a drink tastes or what it is similar to. If you find yourself in a rut, don’t be afraid to ask.

Know what you like. Asking a bartender for advice but not having any clue what kind of spirits you enjoy can make their job and your experience difficult. Do you love fruit flavors? Is mint a refreshing option? Consider common mixers and garnishes used in drinks to help determine what you usually enjoy.

If you’re still not sure which cocktail is right for you, Stella Blu is here to help! We’re not only known for our tapas and fine dining in NH; we have award winning martinis. A quick conversation with our bartenders could help you find your new signature drink for a great night out. Come stop by or give us a call for a reservation at (603) 578-5557.

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