Gluten-Free Acceptance

restaurant in NashuaWith a change in diet, it can become hard for some individuals with allergies or dislikes to find a menu that appeals to every person that is part of the group. For example, you cannot go to a restaurant in Nashua without nearly everything having bacon on it. This instance makes it difficult for those who are vegetarian/vegan or those who dislike bacon to find options. Now, this is a simple, common complication for people who still have plenty of other options such as kinds of pasta or a variety of other meals. However, for the gluten intolerant, many menus have not yet come up with a good variety of gluten-free meals.

The complication that comes with creating a gluten-free diet for anyone in a restaurant is the risk of contamination. For many individuals with Celiac disease, even the smallest trace of gluten can cause an upset. While the symptom’s response time varies with each person that has Celiac, the dangers of being exposed could cause serious complications. That is why ensuring that the items on the gluten free menu have a limited chance of contamination makes it hard in a busy restaurant. Many restaurants are starting to have gluten free options, but they are usually limited. However, if there is a fuller menu that is available to those who have Celiac disease or gluten intolerance, there is a better chance that those who are susceptible will be able to enjoy the restaurant.

The benefits of finding a restaurant that offers a gluten-free option are that it may not just be those with celiac disease that will help. With many other ailments such as IBS and Chrons Disease, other individuals can benefit from gluten-free options. However, there is a fine line that can be easily complicated. For many gluten-free foods, there can be a small trace of gluten allowed in the food, but if it goes over a certain amount, it gets compromised.

These issues are why many restaurants choose to stay away from a gluten-free menu. For many restaurants, the risk is too high, so it severely limits the options that Celiac sufferers have to enjoy their days out with friends. Though as time goes on, there are more and more restaurants that are offering gluten-free menus. Stella Blu is one of them.

Our gluten-free menu has many options from all of the sections of our menu. From hummus to scallops to tacos with gluten-free corn tortillas, there are plenty of choices you can choose. The options that we provide come from our chefs and our want to serve Nashua in the best way that we can, and that means making sure that everyone has a place to eat their hearts out!

We enjoy being innovative with our menu items and trying to make it an experience for everyone. So why not enjoy that gluten free chocolate cake and stop by today if you are looking for a new restaurant in Nashua?

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