How Live Music Enhances Your Meal

There have long been studies being done that researches the correlation between sound and taste, and Stella Blu finds it absolutely fascinating. Researchers at the University of Oxford have been testing a number of different foods compared with low and high pitched notes and have come to find that they can greatly change the way someone could interpret a cuisine.

It’s important to note that just as live music or tones can make your meals taste better, it can also take away from the experience. As a restaurant in Nashua surrounded by other great competitors with music options, Stella Blu is always working towards creating a better atmosphere for our guests every time they walk through the door. Our goal is more than just having a great meal, we want you to love every aspect of spending an evening with entertainment nh

Dining has changed over the years, and one way we hope to bring back that fun atmosphere we used to love is live music. We schedule for a number of different artists and types to be able to play on Friday and Saturday nights at Stella Blu because we know our customers like a variety. We love accommodating to their preferences, and being able to offer great live entertainment that can be difficult to find.

Stella Blu also has great working relationships with our musicians. Many are returning acts that have appealed to both our guests and leave a lasting impression. Both professional and talented, our lineup of artists will never disappoint.

If you’re looking for a fun way to get excited for date night or just a different restaurant in Nashua to visit one upcoming weekend, come join us down here at Stella Blu. From our great food and drinks to our musical guests, there is so much to do and enjoy. Give us a call at (603) 578-3337 to make a reservation today.

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