How To Find Your Perfect Wine

restaurant in NashuaFinding a type of wine that you like can seem like a never-ending task. Wine comes from almost everywhere grapes can grow. Ultimately, the wine that you like could be famous like Barefoot Moscato, which pairs well with chicken, or it could be an obscure wine like a Gaia Assyrtiko, which pairs well with shellfish. The trick to finding your perfect wine isn’t about trying every wine at a restaurant in Nashua, but rather allowing yourself to answer the questions asked.

Not every restaurant in Nashua will have a sommelier or a wine connoisseur who can help you figure out which one you will like. In that case, you can just think of the questions that work for you and consider them with descriptions provided to you. Many times, there are only a handful of queries that are asked of you when it comes to finding your perfect wine. It is a lot simpler than you think as well.



What was the last wine you liked or didn’t like?

This question is relatively straightforward. Think of the last glass of wine that made you cringe and want to crawl under the table. Also, recall the last glass of wine that you adored and wanted to drink all at once (let’s hope you didn’t!). Preferences are a good starting point for you to figure out what you may like in a glass of wine. It will also help you understand what you liked about them.

For instance, if the wine you disliked was a red wine, it could have been the body and lack of sweetness like a Cabernet. These darker red wines leave more of a coating on your mouth than other lighter wines, so you could quickly decide that that was what you disliked to help steer you towards another selection. Also, if you seem to notice a liking for many light red wines and light white wines, then you can say that you tend to like lighter, fruitier wines with sweetness.


Consider what you like to pair with it.

Many wines go well with certain dishes. For example, a steak wine will not always work as well with chicken as it will for a big piece of steak. The pallet that you have for other foods can help steer you towards the wine you may enjoy. Using it as a guideline builds up on what pairs together, so if you tend to want to pair together chicken with wine that isn’t too fruity, you can narrow down your list by sorting out which wines work with those foods that you plan on eating as well.



The bottom line is that you will not always know what you are looking for when it comes to wine. The adventure of finding your perfect wine could take years, but you will never know if you do not try! For quality wines you’ll love, visit Stella Blu: a restaurant in Nashua you will love! 

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