Martini Training 101: Understanding the Most Popular Drinks in Nashua

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There’s no denying it; the fall season has arrived in New England. Although some of us are missing the hot, humid days of summer, others embrace everything the fall season brings. And that includes spectacular fall drinks in Nashua at Stella Blu! From our popular Manhattan on 43rd sure to warm your soul to the classic Dirty Martini – the choices are endless.

We’re known for having the area’s best martini selection, but we know it can be a bit overwhelming if you’re new to the martini game. In this article, we’re dissecting one of the world’s most requested cocktails – the martini.


The basics

While it may seem easy to shake up a perfect martini, most people are specific in their preferences. Mastering a martini is not about mixing standard ingredients; it’s about understanding the preference and knowing the balance.


For the sake of simplicity, in this section, we’re discussing a classic martini.


When it comes to creating a classic martini, a London dry gin or vodka is combined with dry vermouth. However, how much dry vermouth used is, again, preference. The more vermouth used, the wetter the martini. Thus, the less vermouth used, the drier the martini. Containing anywhere from a splash to half and half, the balance of vermouth with the preferred base can make or break the perfect martini.


Shaken not stirred

You’ll be surprised to hear this, but again, this section comes down to preference. With much debate, the general consensus states that a classic martini should be stirred. Yes, you read that correctly. Combined with ice, the ingredients are stirred for around a minute to perfectly blend and chill the drink.

However, once you start adding juices and other spirits to create more signature drinks (like our Manhattan on 43rd), shaken becomes an acceptable mixing method. If you choose to shake a classic martini, you’ll end up with a cloudier result that dilutes the vermouth flavor. While some may prefer “shaken, not stirred,” others will be sending the drink back for a remake.

Lesson here – specify your preference.


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Straining is a must

Regardless of the martini at hand, straining the chilled cocktail is a must. Martinis are served straight-up without any ice. You may find some prefer small slivers of ice or cubes on the side, but without asking, don’t expect to see ice in your martini.


The garnish

Onto one of our favorite aspects of the martini – the garnish. While creative cocktails like Espresso Martinis are topped with freshly shaven chocolate, a classic martini prefers olives, onions, and sometimes a lemon peel.


  • CLASSIC GIN MARTINI – Garnished with Spanish olives
  • CLASSIC VODKA MARTINI – Garnished with Spanish olives
  • DIRTY MARTINI – Olive brine is added into the drink and garnished with stuffed olives
  • GIBSON MARTINI – A classic gin martini garnished with cocktail onions


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Now that you understand the basics of a classic martini, it’s time to head out for drinks in Nashua at Stella Blu! Don’t worry, if you’re not quite digging the sounds of a classic, our bartenders are experts in creative flair!

Visit us today at 70 East Pearl Street in downtown Nashua!

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