Organic Vodka: Everything You May (or May Not) Have Wondered

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If you stop and think about all of the options for great food in Nashua, NH, it’s not hard to decipher the good from the bad. However, when you consider cocktails, the difference tends to be a bit more unclear. Perhaps this muddled area comes down to preference, or how you feel the next day – whatever it is, our family at Stella Blu is here to set the record straight on another fuzzy area. Organic versus non organic vodkas. 


What’s the difference? Is one really better than the other? Here’s our take.


First, let us start by recognizing that vodka is the preferred choice for many simply due to the versatility. While some prefer their vodka combined with endless mixer options, others prefer to enjoy it over the rocks with a twist of lemon. Either way, when it comes to organic vodka, this is classic for so many reasons!


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Let’s Talk Taste …

Organic vodka, like non organic vodka, is one of the most versatile alcohols on the market. However, when it comes to the taste, the difference is quite significant. The use of organic ingredients reduces the burn that many people associate vodka with having. The next to none bite also comes with a transparent and smoother taste making it the better choice not only for sipping but for the overall experience.


… and Base

The ingredients used for an organic vodka differ from traditional brands. Many of these are free from pesticides, chemicals and other potentially harmful fertilizers. Furthermore, organic brands avoid charcoal and carbon during filtering to maintain a true organic nature. Distilled in smaller batches, this process helps organic spirits to avoid the rubbing alcohol undertone that many conventional vodkas are associated with. Combined, these factors are said to produce a lesser hangover the next day as well (we’re intrigued). 


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Is organic vodka better for you?

With this bit of information in mind, the idea of organic vodka is certainly appealing. But, is it better for you? No harmful ingredients and a lesser hangover with a lower caloric intake – the answer seems apparent. However, organic spirits are not only better for you, they are also better for the environment. 


October 4th is National Vodka Day! 

Be sure to stop into Stella Blu to celebrate with the best food in Nashua, NH and the largest selection of vodka! Whether you prefer your vodka mixed into the best espresso martini in town or straight up, our family has you covered! Visit us at 70 East Pearl Street in the heart of historic downtown Nashua and celebrate!


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