Reservations vs. Call Ahead

restaurant in NashuaToday, we live in an age of instant gratification. We can order anything online and have it delivered to home at the touch of a button. With this ease, we have become a culture that hates to wait. Waiting is difficult enough as an adult, but when you add children into the mix, it becomes even harder because they have less patience than we do. The issue that is arising, though, is that many adults are running out of patience due to the fast-paced lifestyle that we all live. When people need to wait at a restaurant in Nashua on a busy Friday night, they get antsy.

It is understandable, especially when you are hungry. However, there are a few restaurants that can help quell your waiting time. Call ahead seating has become a phenomenon in chain restaurants across the country. While at one time the reservation was the way to go, it got replaced in many restaurants with only call ahead seating. While they sound very similar, due to the simple fact that in both cases you call before to limit your wait at the restaurant in Nashua, they are very different.




Starting with the dying art of reservations, these have all but disappeared from the restaurant business. Reservations were once the way to go. Call up a restaurant, you say your party and the time, and there you go. You will have a table set aside for you at the time you say. However, if you show up late, you lose the table and get put at the end of the line. The way that reservations work caused the restaurant to lose out on seating more patrons until the party shows up, so many restaurants decided to get rid of the reservation process.

While some smaller restaurants and higher end restaurants will still make these reservations, they are far and few in-between. For example, Stella Blu makes reservations, yet many of the restaurants in the area are on a first come, first serve basis.


Call Ahead Seating

The standard form of a booking today is call ahead seating. Many of us are familiar with this since many of the favored chains do it. There is a big sign when you walk in that tells you to save time and call ahead. The process works by getting your name on the list before you get to the restaurant. Instead of waiting at the restaurant, your wait happens during the drive over, so it doesn’t seem as bad.

Call ahead seating works wonders, as it can function as a reservation for many individuals. However, should you miss your call, you get stuck waiting anyways, so it is important to ensure that you plan your call and your route accordingly.



These simple changes in the restaurant dynamic have changed the way the restaurants work. Rather than being able to show up and eat, it has turned into a game of patience – if you are going out to eat during peak hours, be ready to wait. However, if you decide to eat local at a restaurant in Nashua, Stella Blu can make your reservation at any time.

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