Stella Blu Restaurant in Nashua Asks: Is Shrimp Scampi Italian? 

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Ask any Italian restaurant in Nashua if shrimp scampi is a true Italian dish, and you may get the same response: “Of course it is!” Whether you’re a true scampi lover or you prefer a dish without shellfish, it’s safe to say we’re all familiar with this seemingly Italian favorite. And while we may be a little biased in our love for this garlic-butter-pasta and shellfish mix, the truth behind this tasty favorite surprised even us! Here’s a look at the true meaning of “scampi” and its Italian roots. 

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What is Scampi?

We all know scampi is served with shrimp, so “scampi” must mean “shrimp”, right? Well…almost. According to this article, “scampi” stems from the Italian word “scampo”, meaning prawn or langoustine. Scampi itself is a breaded or grilled Dublin Bay Prawn or a Norway Lobster, located in the Mediterranean and Northeastern Atlantic.

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The Italian Version

Technically, the dish we know as Shrimp Scampi is just an American spin on an otherwise simple dish. In other words, we add pasta to our garlicky, buttery, white wine sauce, and bam!–we’ve got a delicious dish with shrimp as a tasty garnish. But hang on, Emeril–that’s not the original scampi dish! 

Did you know? The Italian version of scampi was made using grilled or fried langoustines, butter, garlic, and wine. Pasta was introduced to this dish thanks to Americans posted in Italy during WWII. 

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The Worldwide Version 

We know that “scampi” means shrimp (and yes, that means we’re technically saying “Shrimp Shrimp”). To this day, Scampi is a savored dish worldwide! Some methods of cooking include:

Japan: Cooked with orange and olive oil, topped with fried shrimp

UK: Fried shrimp, served with chips

Norway: Battered and deep-fried shrimp

Greece: Baked shrimp topped with Parmesan cheese

Italy: Fried shrimp served over linguine pasta (introduced after WWII) and black pepper

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Your Scampi Restaurant in Nashua

Stella Blu has some of the best flavors in Nashua, NH, including our Shrimp Scampi dish! We pride ourselves on fresh ingredients that are made to serve each night. We’ve won numerous awards for our small plates and our martini bar. So, the next time you are looking for a classic, upscale dish, keep Stella Blu at the top of your list!

Craving that Shrimp Scampi? Call us today at 603-578-5557 to make a reservation!

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