Tacos and Tequila. A Combination Made In Heaven.

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The best restaurants in Nashua, NH, know one thing is for certain – tacos and tequila are like peanut butter and jelly, spaghetti and meatballs, fish and chips. And, because of our hugely successful (thanks by the way) bourbon event last month, the team at Stella Blu is thrilled to announce yet another exciting night out!


Coming up on April 27th, Stella Blu is teaming up with Herradura for a night you won’t forget. Taco Tuesday and amazing tequila – need we say more?


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A little about Herradura

These days, it seems that the possibilities are endless when it comes to choosing a tequila. From blanco to reposado, knowing the differences can be overwhelming (and sometimes disappointing when not knowing). The types of tequila are based on several factors, the primary one being age.


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For example, a silver (blanco) tequila is generally tequila in its purest form – unaged. Whereas an extra anejo is aged in an oak barrel for up to three years. Thus, you have one perfect for that margarita and one meant for sipping.


Think this is interesting?


There’s a lot to learn about tequila, and you should have fun doing so! Enter our night of teaming up with one of our favorite tequilas, Herradura.

Celebrating 150 years of extraordinary, Casa Herradura is home of hand-built clay ovens used to cook agave to perfection. From there, the process of fermentation and distillation is almost magic. As the last and largest tequila producing Hacienda on the plant, Casa Herradura is where the first reposado and extra anejo were invented. Pretty impressive if you ask us.

The Herradura lineup is equally as impressive:

  • Silver
  • Reposado
  • Anejo
  • Ultra
  • Directo de Alambique
  • Double Barrel Reposado
  • Seleccion Supreme
  • Aniversario
  • Legend


Neat or mixed into your favorite cocktail. The Herradura brand delivers and never disappoints.

If you’re looking for the best restaurants in Nashua, NH, look no farther than Stella Blu. From signature martinis to live music, there is always something happening – like Tacos and Tequila night! With limited seating available, you don’t want to wait.


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Give our team at Stella Blu a call today to reserve your spot for this unforgettable event! Tickets are $95 per person and include five fabulous courses of Herradura Tequila cocktails paired with a diverse menu of craft street tacos! Call today at (603) 578-5557!

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