Technology Changes The Restaurant Industry

restaurant in NHThe old days of eating at a restaurant in NH are over. With the advancing of technology, we invent new devices to help with reservations and ordering. The changes in the industry are profound. When it comes to every aspect of the restaurant, many owners are working on finding new ways to integrate technology into their restaurant for benefits, not failures. However, technology can only go so far in an industry that has been reliable on human interaction from the start.



iPad Menus

One standard feature that is cropping up in higher end restaurants, especially in downtown areas, are the use of iPads. The days of books are over, and the interactivity of an iPad is gaining interest. While paper menus are limited and require constant changes, the use of new technologies allows for the menu to be continually updated. With this also come the need for a steady charge of the iPad. The ability to have these menus is great headway on the limitation of a carbon footprint for restaurants, but in the long run, there are issues with these lists as well.

Though iPads do have their uses, such as helping to maintain online reservations and inventory, the loss of human interaction could potentially harm the restaurant.



Another common occurrence in restaurants, especially chains, is the presence of the ziosks. These can be helpful on busy days so that those who finish their meal aren’t waiting to pay the check if they are paying with a card, but it has its limitations. Ziosks do not handle entreĆ© orders and are usually used for dessert and drink refills rather than the actual meal. These also provide the group to pay for games to play at the restaurant. While this is something useful for antsy children, is the system truly able to maintain a quality dining experience? Dining used to be for spending time with family out of the house setting, where there were limited distractions. The change with the ziosk is that you are almost bringing home with you.


Reliability On Wi-Fi

The main issue with many of these new technologies is the security on the WiFi in the building. In older buildings where the WiFi is spotty at best, these technologies are not the option that is best for the restaurant. With spotty WiFi, you can run the risk of losing orders or slow load times, which can only be solved by human interaction. Before you attempt to have wireless technology in your building, you need to be sure that you won’t lose orders on customers or run the risk of double charging them.



As technology for restaurants advances, many of these issues will get resolved. In particular countries, some restaurants are fully automated, like conveyor belt sushi where there is limited interaction. However, in most of the local restaurants, many individuals are still looking for human interaction.

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