Tips for Pairing Craft Beer with Your Food

Stella Blu loves all of the local flavors we’re able to bring into our Nashua restaurant and NH catering, including craft beers. Along with our award winning martinis, we serve a number of locally made brews that we think are terrific. Working with brewers like Castle Island Brewing Company means we have the opportunity to offer our guests exciting and unique beers to pair with their foods. Food and beer pairing might seem like an brew nashua restaurantoverwhelming concept, but Stella Blu wants to help break it down for you simply.

The biggest rule is finding a balance between beer and food flavor.

Though it might feel counterproductive, often times beers pair well with foods that have an almost opposite taste. This allows for the drinker to be able to find harmony between the different flavors being presented.

Darker beers or stouts can have a very specific taste. They are often bitter, and have a roast and malty taste. These beers often taste best with sweets or desserts such as chocolate or rich meats.

Sweet and malty beers, which are often classified as gold lagers or pale ales find balance with their opposite: spicy or acidity, which can encompass items like lemons, peppers, or other fruits.

On the other hand, there are combinations that can enhance flavors, which you might enjoy. Hoppy beers, or often referred to as IPAs, can intensify spices you find in Mexican or different forms of Asian cuisine.

There are so many kinds and styles of foods out there, it’s hard to explain every single one, especially when you offer such a wide variety of food like we do. If you’ve been thinking about visiting us down at Stella Blu for a drink and a meal, our staff is more than happy to help you determine which beer might go well with your food. Learn more about our menu online or give us a call today at (603) 578-5557.

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