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Have you grown tired of constantly searching for “bars near me?” We are glad that you found us! At Stella Blu, we are known for many things, like our award-winning martini bar. Today, we are here to share some of our tips for pairing the best NH craft beers along with some of our famous dishes. We know that beer and food may be a big thing to decide. That is why we are here to help simplify what tastes work well with each other. 


One of the biggest things to do is to find the balance between the two. In fact, it might just be better to find some with opposite flavors.


Sweet and Malt Beers

Most of the time, beers like these are often classified as gold lagers or pale ales. These tend to find the best balance with flavors opposite to their own: spicy and acidic. This can be any meal encompassing things like lemons, peppers, spices, and much more.


Dark beers

Darker beers or stouts have very specific tastes to them. Much of the time, they show bitterness to them along with roast and malty tastes. This means that some of the better flavors to mix with dark beers are sweet ones! Stouts are great to drink when you eat desserts like chocolate, cakes, or others like it. Also, you might find it a good idea to pair it with rich meats! 


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“Hoppy Beers”

While the other beers on our list of mentions go well with flavors opposite to their own, there are some types that go well with others like it. Hoppy beers or IPAs can enhance the flavors of some of the foods that it is being paired with. Most of the time, this type of beer would be combined with ethnic foods like Mexican and Asian cuisine. When the two are combined, the IPA can intensify the spices in the dishes. 


Drinking and Eating Right. 

Stella Blu has some of the best flavors in Nashua, NH. In fact, they are so great that we have won numerous awards for our small plates and our martini bar. So, the next time you are looking for a “bar near me,” be sure that you are keeping Stella Blu at the top of your list. 


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