3 Ultimate Spring Drinks in Nashua

drinks in Nashua

When it comes to dining out downtown Nashua, drinks in the city are abundant. However, where do you begin and how do you choose? Here at Stella Blu, we understand that the meal, the drink, and the atmosphere are all synonymous with one another. With that in mind, we’re thrilled to provide you with some of the best drinks in Nashua – especially to quench that Springtime thirst.

Here’s a sneak peak at three cocktails making an appearance on our new drink menu.


Boggin’ Tonic

If you’ve never heard of gin and tonic, it’s time to get outside a bit more. This classic cocktail dates back several centuries and was derived from the bark of the cinchona tree. Ah, that pine flavor that you love or hate is all making sense now. And, while it was once a drink savored by the poor, this is now a go-to in the warm weather. So, yes, our team is adding it to the seasonal menu – but with a twist. The Boggin’ Tonic is stepping things up with cranberry gin, rosemary, lime and tonic.


Hibiscus & Spice

For those of you who enjoy the martini game – our newly crafted Hibiscus and Spice is a must try. Incorporating the delicate flavors of the season with Sorel Hibiscus and our favorite organic vodka, this sipper is refreshing and surprisingly delightful. The spice? A little white cran and lime make the perfect twist to the tastebuds with this combo.


Honey Bee

What’s Spring and Summer without the bees? In honor of our busiest little workers out there, the Honey Bee is dedicated to you. Botanical gin, freshly squeezed lemon, honey syrup and soda float is the perfect combination to sit back, sip, and enjoy the warm breeze and everything in between.


Drinks in Nashua at Stella Blu

No matter what type of drink you prefer, Nashua’s number one place to be is Stella Blu. From our seasonal menu to classics like sangria, wine and beer, we provide guests with everything you need to sit back and enjoy. Visit us today for the amazingly delicious handcrafted food and the best drinks in Nashua!

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